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7-Eleven Japan debuts holographic self-checkout kiosks

7-Eleven Japan takes contactless shopping to the next level as it runs a pilot trial with contactless self-checkout kiosks with holographic displays. 

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Demand for contactless shopping has surged during the coronavirus pandemic. It is also taking up to 30 percent less space than existing cash registers, enabling retailers to have more room for products.  

The holographic displays are equipped with Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules that make it possible to interact with the images projected by the holographic displays mid-air.  The self-checkout kiosks will accept only cashless payment methods, including credit cards, e-money cards and QR codes.

“We are pleased and excited to see this initiative, where our technology is simplifying and enhancing the customer experience and making the interaction with the underlying device or system safer, more hygienic, and more convenient to use, which further emphasizes the importance of Neonode’s contactless touch technology in the retail segment. Thanks to a well-functioning partnership with our distributor NEXTY Electronics and Kanda Kogyo we have paved the way for a successful deployment,” said Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode.

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The trial has been running since 1st February at six 7-Eleven stores in Tokyo, Japan.