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Interactive e-commerce video tool introduced in China

An interactive e-commerce video tool for online consumers was launched recently in China.

The technology from AVD Digital Media (AVD) allows web shoppers to purchase and receive product information by touching any product or object on-screen. It can be deployed on any e-commerce site, online video portals or embedded in banner ads.

"This opens up video everywhere as the new and natural way to drive e-commerce sales," said AVD’s CEO, Andrew Ballen.

AVD TOUCH has been shown to dramatically increase click-through-to-buy and final conversion rates while significantly lowering cost per sale when compared to other direct-sell mechanisms.

Media and branding company Acorn International Inc. deployed the first shoppable video tool in China.

"Engaging interactively with video content enables our consumers to sit in the driver’s seat and take control of their online experience," states Executive Chairman of Acorn International and member of the USTR Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations, Robert W. Roche.


(Source: RetailTech Innovation)

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