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Singapore Changi launches US$35 million Living Lab programme


Changi Airport Group has launched a S$50 million (US$34.8 million) innovation programme focusing on technologies such as robotics and the Internet of Things.

The ‘Changi Airport Living Lab Programme’ will run for five years in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board.

In it, Changi Airport Group will collaborate with both established companies and start-ups to develop and demonstrate new technology solutions in a live airport environment.

It will focus on the following technology areas:

Automation and robotics – Changi Airport Group sees opportunities to “optimise scarce manpower resources and empower the airport workforce to operate at higher efficiency and productivity levels”.

Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) – The aim here will be to create a more accurate and real-time perspective of airport operations, allowing Changi Airport to “better optimise its operational processes and decision-making”. Consumer analytics could offer deeper insights into travellers’ habits and preferences, strengthening the airport’s lifestyle product offerings, Changi Airport Group said.

Non-intrusive security technologiesChangi Airport Group will seek to improve the experience and reduce the stress of undergoing security clearance, while strengthening safety and security standards.

Smart infrastructure management – New technologies such as sensors, IoT and smart controls will be tested to see if they can optimise infrastructure resources.

Changi Airport Group said the Living Lab programme would be vital in an increasingly complex operating environment where travellers’ needs are rapidly changing. All partners in the airport community, including concessionaires, will be invited to co-create, test and demonstrate new solutions to “future proof” the airport.

Some initiatives are already underway, with test programmes including autonomous cleaning robots, automated guided vehicles to ferry passengers between terminals, and taxi queue analytics.

“Building innovation today is critical to transforming our business and operations for the future,” said Changi Airport Group CEO Lee Seow Hiang. “We look forward to partnering established companies and enterprising start-ups to develop cutting-edge technologies for the airport. Through our Living Lab collaborations, I believe that we can add value to our partners in helping them scale up their solutions for real-world applications.”

(Source: Moodie Davitt Report)

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